Welcome to Equity Development Systems, Ltd.EDSLtd.com
Established in 1986, Equity Development Systems, Ltd., (EDS) unparalleled  performance, industry leadership, and global reach has established it as the internationally-recognized brand for excellence in appraisal and valuation, lending compliance and collateral-asset management services and, as a trusted mergers and acquisitions advisor and private-equity investor.

What Equity Development Systems, Ltd., offers is unique, and uniquely EDS—a purpose-built firm specializing in creative solutions for global corporates and the finance and legal communities. At EDS clients work exclusively with veteran professionals—industry instructors and luminaries—whose reputation for excellence and influential insights are recognized and appreciated in boardrooms and courtrooms throughout-the-world.

As you explore our award-winning suite-of-services you will find a common theme—passion and excellence in what we do—principled-exacting care in how we do it—and familial-reverence for who we do it for.

EDS is a relationship driven firm. Our commitment to clients is nurturing, reliable, constant, and untiring. We build lasting-relationships based on performance and in our ability to provide our client’s with a broad range of unique—value creating advice and services. Working closely together, our operating groups provide unparalleled advice and service on a global basis. EDS is distinguished by its unique industry expertise and its success in forming long-term working relationships with our clients throughout-the-world.